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Daily dose of Mark

Need an explanation?

Mark Harmon Daily
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All Members , Moderated
/ Picture only posts, please (requests can be made IF you include a picture of some kind), and try to keep them under an LJ cut:
Be extra careful to place large, many or spoiler pics under an <lj-cut text="lj cut!"> please.

/ In this day and age it's not that common to have dial-up, but for those who do, can we try to be courtious.

/ Sploilers? Include ANYTHING from a current season that gives a plot away! Remember there are people out there that have not seen the current season or 'that' film. Also give warning as to what Ep or Film you are referring to!

/ No direct linking to other people's sites! If you don't have your own, try photobucket OR e-mail me at "3263827js [at] gmail.com"

/ You may feel free to use the caps for whatever, within reason, but please don't take credit for someone else’s work, and if the capper asks you to notify them before taking and using, do so.

/ ANYONE may post here, feel free, have fun but remember, stick to the rules.

/ No flaming!

/ Posts that ignore the rules will be deleted.

/ ::Affiliates::

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> ncis_icons NCIS icons!
> mw_daily Michael Weatherly _daily comm.
> ncis_challenge Creativity challenges.

> johnb_daily John Barrowman _daily comm.
> ianto_daily Torchwood's Ianto Jones, _daily.
/ e-mail me to be an affiliate!